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    Ordnance Industry Automation, born in 1982, is now designated as the China’s scientific and technical source journals, and RCCSE Chinese core academic journals.
    The journal is compiled according to requirements of international standardization, and contains colophon, content, abstract of both Chinese and English versions. Due to its high impact factors and cited numbers in the same categories, it is covered by China Ordnance professional literature database, Defense Industry Ammunition Automatic Cartridge Technology Application Center, WANFANG DATA and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Chinese science and technology periodical database, Sciencepaper Online, United States "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (Technology), Polish “index of Copernicus”, and United States “Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory”.
   The journal, taking “Promoting army-civilian science and technologies, while advancing power of development” as its principle, plays an important role in China ordnance industry development and reflects the weapon science and technology construction level of the country. It is now an academic authority served for defense construction and national economy development, and is sponsored by No. 58 Research Institute of China Ordnance Industries, an affiliate institute of China South Industries Group Corporation.
     The periodical is monthly published, and includes 9 columns:
     Armament Automation—applications and development of the follows: army-civilian networks, information integration, electronic countermeasures, data fusion, guidance, long-range diagnosis, wireless communication, navigation and orientation, photoelectric fire control, and operational chain of command.
     Intelligent  Manufacturing Technology—technologies like CIMS, FMS, virtual manufacture, parallel techniques, manufacture and simulation, PDM, integration of design and manufacture, optical-mechanical-electrical integration, and CNC/PLC.
  Network and Information Technology—technologies and development of: networks, database, communication, interface, information and information integration, information management of enterprises, information management system, MRP, ERP.
   Automatic Measurement and Control—control technologies such as automatic control, artificial intelligence, expert system, pattern recognition, fuzzy control, adaptive control, computer control; detection techniques like automatic detection, photoelectric detection and radial detection, harmless test, fault diagnosis and forecast, sensor, measurement and sense of long range; along with applications and development of test system, equipments and devices.
       Exploitation and Application of Software—development, applications and transplantation techniques of software used in enterprises and industries of automatic fields.
    Advanced Ammunition Manufacture Technology—ammunition loading process, assembly process ammunition, pyrotechnic charge assembly process, automation equipment charge equipment, ammunition quality testing, safety and reliability of ammunition production, green and safe destruction of ammunition, design and manufacture of smart ammunition, explosives safety automated production, other high-risk products and technology advanced manufacturing technology, ammunition industry intelligence, ammunition industry standards and energy conservation, management mode of ammunitions industry related organization at home and abroad.
     System Modeling and Simulation—status and trends of simulation technology at home and abroad; system simulation, modeling and VV & A development; development of simulation algorithms, simulation software and simulation computer; distributed simulation / HLA / simulation network development; complex systems and intelligent system simulation applications; simulator and simulation equipment demand; high-performance parallel computer technology; operational system simulation technology application and development; embedded simulation technology application and development;  virtual design; manufacturing technology and development.
      Robot Technology—robot theory and control technology; structure and method of intelligent robot system; robot learning and algorithms; structure and control of the network; robot sensing technology, smart sensors; theory and application of multi-agent system; integration and information fusion of multi-sensor; mobile robot and autonomous navigation technology; robot vision, image processing and pattern recognition; robot structure design and computer simulation technology; service robot; special robot; soccer robot; simulation (human) robot; access to information and data mining; intelligent robot applications; the next generation robot; industrial robot and components of technology.
     Intelligent Networking System—intelligent perception and information acquisition of Internet of things, modeling and simulation of intelligent Internet of things system, resource sharing and collaborative of Internet of things, smart sensors, wireless sensor networks, multi-sensor data fusion, intelligent optimization method, virtual reality and enhanced realistic, multi-agent systems and intelligent robot networks, intelligent distributed systems and control, machine learning and cognition, distributed artificial intelligence and expert systems, evolutionary game and evolutionary computation, complex network systems and applications, high performance computing and simulation, intelligent transportation systems, smart grid, smart medical systems.
     Distribution scope: China Academy of Engineering Physics, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, China Aviation Industry Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Information Industrial Department War Industry Electron Bureau, Relevant Professional Academy, Scientific Research Institute, Enterprises and Institutions, Libraries in Provinces and Cities around China.
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